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Victor Thruster K 9900 Badminton Racket is a high power racket with excellent frame stability for high power smashes with precision. Touch and shuttle feel are exceptional, allowing placement of soft subtle shots to pull the opponent out of position. The frame and materials have been strengthened for less frame torsion to increase accuracy and energy transfer to the shuttle.

ManganGraphen an ultra strong carbon lattice structure that is extremely strong and lightweight. The lattice is used at key areas to provide greater stiffness and racket durability.

Nano Resin uses nano particles in the frame to give key structural support in areas of the frame that suffer from torsion.

Catapult Structure around the lower section of the frame absorbs power, stores it before releasing it back into the shuttle to give a higher shuttle speed.

Gradient Groove T-Joint a change in T-Joint material and design gives a much stiffer joint. This resists torsion and supports the racket head to enhance the energy transfer.

Isometric Head a squarer head shape enlarges the sweet spot for a greater power area of the string bed.

Factory strung with Ashaway Zymax 66 Fire Orange for improved power and durability

This racket is supplied with a full length cover

Please note: The ink used to logo racket strings is semi-permanent, it will wear off during play. Permanent ink damages the coating on the string; this decreases the durability of the string resulting in more tension loss and snapped strings. If you wish to refresh the logo, stencils and ink are available to repaint the design.
We weight it at: 88 g
This is an independent measure across all brands, allowing a more informed choice about which racket to buy. Each manufacturer supplies the information differently, some weigh and balance the racket with a grip and strings, others don’t.
All rackets are weighed and balanced, on site by us, with the factory grip and strings to give the values of a racket ready for play.
Balance (Direct Sports measurement): 311 mm from handle - Head heavy
Flex (Direct Sports measurement): 62 mm - Flexible
Construction: MaganGraphen/Graphite
Manufacturer Part Number: 137/9/9
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Victor Thruster K 9900 Badminton Racket

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●  MaganGraphen Construction
●  Nano Resin
●  Catapult Structure
●  Gradient Groove T-Joint
●  Isometric Head
●  Strung in Zymax 66 Fire Power
●  Max Tension 28lbs
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