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Ashaway Bird3 (1 Tube of 6) Badminton Shuttlecock

In Stock
RRP: £16.00 | Save 33%
  • 1 Tubes of 6 Shuttles
  • Replicates a Feather Flight
Ashaway Bird3 Badminton Shuttlecocks is the latest innovation, developed from the Bird 2. Changes have been made on the improvement of both flight and feel of the shuttle. Never before has a nylon felt and flown so much like a feather shuttlecock. Although the Bird3 is actually lighter than Bird2, it feels heavier when hit (more like a feather) due to the increased air resistance. The medium speed (77 gram) is 5.0 grams, whereas standard nylon shuttles are heavier, ranging from 5.2 to 5.5 grams. Bird3 is very different from standard one-piece nylon shuttlecocks. The design of the cage (the dark part) at the bottom has been improved to alter the vortex speed within the shuttle as the shuttle moves through the air. This increases baffle and gives the feeling of real weight.
The weight changes and increased air resistance means the shuttle performs noticeably better than Bird 2.
One of the big differences in the development of Bird3 is the performance on net shots. This is noticeably better than Bird 2 on net play. Slow = 76
Medium = 77
Medium/Fast = 78
Fast = 79

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We were really flabbergasted when we started using this shuttle. If you are looking for most feather like feeling, this is the one and it maintains the shape through out the rally. However, not durable. Sometimes we had to use more than 2 shuttles to complete a 2 hr session.
I ordered these shuttles for our club and here are our findings. although they are very close to a feather shuttle and they feel nice and heavy, and frankly you do really enjoy playing with them BUT they are not at all durable. i would say it is just 50% more durable compared to a feather shuttle. a feather shuttle lasts a game at most and this shuttle although being plastic only lasts for 2 or at most 3 games. they are not cheap either. the ribs are flimzy and they break really easy. not to talk about the price compared to other popular shuttles. Ashway has got the shuttle right, now they need to work on the quality and durability.
love these shuttles - fly like feathers but much more durable. great value at this price
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